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The biggest problem with large ad networks is targetting, which requires the use of complex tracking and monitoring of websites, their content and their visitors. Even with all this in place, do you really get the targetting you require? Some ad networks will ask you to specify the category of website you want your ad to appear on, and often ask which type of site you do not want to appear on. When all is said and done though, you really have no control over where your ad is placed, and have little value in those wasted ads (where clickthrough's will be less than 0.3%).

As you are already on this page you have already decided that the Airscene audience is a good target audience for you. Typically visitors to this site are interested in Airshows, Museums, Airband Radio, Flight Simulators, News, Competitions and much more. Visitors are primarily from the UK but overseas traffic is growing particularly from Europe and North America. Target Ads (Airscene) appears on each and every page of Airscene (currently around 50 active pages) so with 4 ads in each block this makes around 200 slots available at all times. Adverts are displayed on a totally random basis and there is no premium pricing so everyone pays the same - just £12 per year of which half goes to Airscene.

*Airscene Mailing List members can now take advantage of 50% off - meaning you pay only £6 per year. To qualify for the discount rate you will need to enter your Mailing List ID, then choose the option "Airscene Offer". Uradnet will check your name and Mailing List ID with Airscene, so please ensure you put the correct ID in, or you will only get 6 months advertising.

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Sorry - Target Ads are closing in 2024.