Terms of Service

Uradnet.co.uk is owned by Glo-Bed (UK) ltd.

• By using Uradnet, advertisers agree to be bound by the following conditions:

• Glo-Bed (UK) Ltd reserves the right to modify these Terms and Conditions. It is the responsibility of the member to keep current with changes in the Terms and Conditions. Changes to the Terms and Conditions apply to ALL registered members.

• Advertiser's banners must not be misleading.

By misleading we mean any banner which:

a) Makes false representation with regard to it's content


b) Has been designed with the purpose of looking like an integral part of the webpage/desktop it's displayed on, rather than the site it represents. (This therefore includes system error type messages)

(e.g a banner containing solely "click here" or "Next / Previous" will not be allowed)

Uradnet reserves the right to reject any website from using it's service. Particularly those containing:

Racist Content
Copyright infringement
Illegal activities
Illegal Software/Hacking

Uradnet also reserves the right to refuse any site that is:

A Get Rich Quick site
A banner/ link exchange site
A site containing popups
A site that resizes the browser to fullscreen

• Advertisers signing up for FREE package agree to insert the provided HTML code for displaying banners on the main page of their website. The supplied code may not be modified in any way without our express permission.

• Uradnet banners must be displayed on the page such that the banner is easily visible and within the main body of the web page.

Uradnet will periodically visit each members website to ensure the banner and site complies with the Terms and Conditions. If errors are found, the advertisers account may be suspended pending compliance. In the event of non-compliance after 14 days the account being cancelled without refund.

• Glo-Bed (UK) Ltd will keep advertisers information confidential and will not be distributed to other parties, in accordance and within the terms of the Data Protection Act.

• Members use Uradnet at their own risk and Glo-Bed (UK) Ltd makes no guarantee regarding the accuracy or reliability of the Uradnet service.

Distance Selling Regulations:

Uradnet banner networks endeavour to place new banners on the network within 48 hours (or sooner). Customers understand and agree that the right to cancel or request a refund is disregarded at any point after their banner is live, in accordance with UK Distance Selling Regulations.